Why Choose Us

Why choose Rental Platform to rent or sell your property

We Know How to Draw Attention

We know how to draw attention to your property in a crowded marketplace. Our marketing strategy isn’t designed to just find you a tenant – it is designed to attract the best tenant and terms possible for your property.

Payments Reconciled Daily

We are extremely vigilant with financial transactions for your investment property. Rent and tenancy payments are monitored closely. Trade’s invoices are processed efficiently. Owners payments are transferred like clockwork. Statements are emailed for your easy record keeping.

You Chat Direct With Your Property Manager

You will only deal with your property manager for all your property and tenancy matters. Your property manager’s personal familiarity with your property and knowing the agreed service expectations gives ideal stability and continuity to you and your tenant.

We Keep You In The Loop

Communication is key to effective management and we understand the importance of keeping you up to date. You will be told the good news, the bad news and everything in between so you can make informed decisions.

The Money Goes in Your Back Pocket

As a property investor, you want the best possible return from your investment. Your property manager knows the market trends and conducts regular rent reviews. Setting an achievable price will attract the right tenant in the shortest possible time frame and keep the cash in your back pocket.

Management Docs Sent To Your Fingertips

For your easy access to records, all tenancy documents will be emailed to you throughout tenancy. Detailed statements are issued when funds are paid out, attaching invoices paid. Annual statements are provided to you for tax purposes at end of financial year.

We Entice the Best Tenant

Leasing a property is all about creating a welcoming environment. Letting you know what can be done to ensure your property is in pristine condition will assist in maximising rental potential and attract the best tenant. Tenants like to live nicely too!

You Have the Final Say

We want the best tenant for your rental property. Applicants are screened thoroughly using our comprehensive criteria. Whilst we will give our recommendations to you for tenancy, you will have the final say!

RSVP to Your Routine Inspection Invite

You may not want to come, but it’s always nice to be asked so we send you an invite to routine inspections! We carry out regular inspections to check in with your tenant, review how the property is being cared for and advise you of routine and preventative maintenance. We promote your property to be […]

Easy Maintenance Management

When maintenance comes to our attention, you will either be notified as a courtesy or to request your authority to progress forward – however we established maintenance expectations from the start. Nobody likes surprises on their monthly statement!