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Early termination of tenancy

Sometimes life changes and you need to move out of the property you rent. This can be a relatively stress free process however, the lease is a binding written contract and must be honoured.

When this situation arises in our office, the property owner is notified and forms for termination of the tenancy agreement are sent out for signing. There are costs involved that the tenant is responsible to compensate the owner for in re-letting the property. These fees may include a let fee, advertising costs, cleaning an repairs. Rent is also due until a new tenant tales tenancy or the lease expires, whichever shall occur first.

If you need to end tenancy, speak with yout property manager first. Ne clear about the process and costs involved. Whilst we will do our best to see your tenancy finalised early in the shortest possible time frame, the owner is under no obligation to accept just any application that presents. The same comprehensive screening process will apply that you underwent when you applied for the property.

If your owner will not agree to break the lease, then you have the option to make a claim to QCAT for termination due to excessive hardship. Further information can be found on the RTA’s website https://www.rta.qld.gov.au/Newsroom/breaking-a-lease

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